Dieter Steinbach Fotograf Peoplefotograf

The man behind the lens

Dieter Steinbach, international Photographer, is more than 30 years in business and works for leading agencies, publishers and brands.

He is specialized in capturing the authentic moments of a picture; the snapshot, the extraordinary atmosphere and distinctive light-composition that changes a message to a real and strong impression.

Due to his quick way of working and his long lasting experience Dieter gets frequently booked to realize movie-printcampaigns on film sets as well.

What Dieter says about his passion:
'I love to develop a project in a team with a strong focus and moving the limit
of the possible to guide my actors until this magic moment happens'

Brand new on the market and already highly demanded is Dieter Steinbachs „Pic & Clip“ which delivers short movies that grab the spirit and the message of a picture as well as the picture itself.

These movies that are recorded during photo shoots create emotions that can be used by clients in a multifunctional manner. They love it!